Alex Horne & The Horne Section

Musical mayhem came to Leicester Comedy Festival in the form of Alex Horne & The Horne section (it took me longer than I’m proud of to get that pun). I’d seen them on 8 out of 10 Cats and was excited to get a chance to see the show in full. It turned out to be a show of two halves.

The show opened with the Horne Section on stage and Alex entering down the central aisle on wheelies, it was all fun and games. The first half of the show was excellent: a great mix of good music, Alex’s dry wit and physical comedy. I particularly enjoyed ‘What’s Your Favourite Season?’, a song they performed on 8 out of 10 – it’s even better live. Props were used and not over used, jokes were told but not over-told. I was sipping my wine and having a great time.

The second half took a slightly hallucinogenic turn when the trumpeter disappeared off stage only to return with a Henry Hoover on his head. This pretty much set the tone for the second half, which was a little more chaos that I could stomach. It went from Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra to The Might Boosh at a speed that gave me whiplash. I did enjoy the interlude when we all got up and did some Zumba, but then all six of them came back on stage wearing Henrys and I was glad it was time to go home.

So it’s certainly a mixed review, but at £15 a ticket, it’s a fun night out and most people like The Mighty Boosh anyway. Check out @hornesection on Twitter or to find out where they’re heading next.

Alex Horne & The Horne Section


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