Poole’s Cavern & Buxton

This is a day trip that requires a touch of travel into the lovely county of Derbyshire. The natural caves at Poole’s Cavern are well worth the extra effort. Though the caves take their name from a medieval outlaw, they are natural and just about 2 million years old.

Due to damage that has been done to this site, which still holds many scientific secrets, all visitors must go with a tour guide. Though I am sometimes weary of mandatory guides, this is certainly a place where you feel the benefit. The caves are in their own right stunning, but any visit would be lacking without a knowledgeable tour guide; we learnt about the formation of the caves over 2 million years and the human history since the neolithic period.

After our adventure underground we enjoyed a walk around Buxton. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great and the museum was closed for renovation, but the Pavilion Gardens were pretty all the same. We stumbled across 53 Degrees North, an atmospheric café bar with a roaring fire, and had two top quality burgers followed by a Toblerone tart (an absolute must for anyone fond of an Ikea Daim cake).

A guided tour in Poole’s Cavern is £9.75 per adult and there’s a small parking charge. The opening times are seasonal, so check their website before you go.

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