Fearless Foxes at New Walk Museum

The exhibition has been extended and it’s not hard to see why. LCFC’s glorious season has taken the whole city by storm and it’s fun to see it all collected in one place. Before you enter the exhibition proper, there is memorabilia stretching back to the days of Leicester Fosse.

Walking through a pretty bright archway takes you to a large hall of blue. Every goal of the season is playing on a big screen and recordings of baffled and gushing commentators resonate around the room.

My favourite exhibit was the collection of newspapers from around the world the day after Leicester won the league. An Italian paper dubbed Ranieri ‘King Claudio’, of course.

Whilst you’re there you might as well enjoy the rest of what the museum has to offer: become a paleontologist in the dinosaur room; or an Egyptologist; and browse a varied collection of art and sculptures.

Fearless Foxes is open until October 23. Entrance to New Walk Museum is free and the museum is open 10-5 Monday to Saturday and 11-5 on Sundays.


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